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So first I would like to say that the photo I used is straight from the club’s website. Doing the ya know whole giving credit to the original owner due to copyright infringement and all that jazz. Granted I am providing a positive review, so hopefully they don’t ask me to remove the photo lol. If they do, then I guess I’ll just plan another trip to city of Louisville to go back to the club and take my own photo–like I would even mind doing that in the first place.

I decided to go to Play Louisville after looking up online, best LGBT+ clubs in the area and Louisville nightlife in general. And after searching through gay and straight reviews, they all recommended Play. So why not! First off, I was extremely skeptical about going out in a new city, let alone a completely new state. I personally do not fit in with the straight community or the LGBT+ community. I’m in that awkward in between “not straight enough”, but “not gay enough” i.e. I have had plenty of people who said my “gay card” was revoked lmao. And I may not be using proper terms or referencing things correctly, but I am myself still learning and becoming more involved with my community, so please bare with me haha. But yea… I haven’t always had the best of experiences with the LGBT+ community personally, so I’m always on edge when I go out. And so I decided to go to Play Louisville anyways and it was a blast. Honestly, it was a major step up aesthetically than anything I have seen here in North Carolina and the people were amazing. What I thought was super cool was the amount of allies that were at Play. I honestly questioned whether or not it was an LGBT club or not and I know a lot of people are going to be like “OMG, straight people intruding in our safe places”, but it didn’t feel like that at all. Play genuinely felt like an inclusive night club. Everyone was there to have fun, drink, dance, and enjoy the drag!!! Like Werk It, Girl! (I try my best haha)

The vibes were good, the other people were all nice and friendly, the music was boppin’, and the performers came ready to play. Ha I find myself using a lot of puns lately and I’m just thinking about how much my bestie would be judging me right now for all the shit I give her about it. And that’s also Mykul Jay who performed a couple of times that night and I got this tight video of him doing some cool ass floor work. Follow him on Instagram @bemymjvalentine! It was great! Like really fun and even Sober Sally (me) was still gettin’ down or trying to at least because I can’t dance for shit lol.

Play was definitely the place to be in Louisville and I found out they have a location in Nashville, so if it’s of any similarity… I AM DEFINITELY GOING!!!

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